Hi all y'all Alamers!

Here it is a first proposal for the Beautification day.

1.- Date: October Sunday 14th. OPEN TO EVERYONE, Bring family and friends.

2.- Schedule: From 9 to 3 pm. There will be 3 time slots of 2 hours each: 9 to 11, 12 to 1pm, 1pm-3pm. Everyone can stay as long as she/he wants, this schedule is to make sure we have people all the time to get things done. If you can stay longer than one slot, even better!

3.- We need at least 3 projects to work on. I have 2 proposals,  Please add up, if we get more than 3 we think about how to do it.

            -1.Fix compost bins, label them... The workgroup will set plan for composting over the winter.and ideas and suggestions for increasing our composting rate and volume. A proposal to increase should be submitted to the group after the beautyday.

            -2.Beautification of the meditation garden. That day the meditation garden will be fixed up (weeds, plants arrangements, mulch...). Also, the working group will cover some topics to plan close-future actions. Finally, a proposal will be submitted  to the group to vote in the next meeting. The topics could be:
                    -clear overgrown grass or clear all grass?
                    -set the meditation garden furniture: Do we want to buy other furniture?
                    -plan the Plants we want there. Are we going to plant another pomegranate, where that would be?
                    -Add up.

           -3-...Add up
Please, we need 3 Coordinators for the 3 diff projects. These 3 people will coordinate the tasks, delimit them in advance and make sure we have the materials to use. It should not be hard.

I have added a column named Food. Ideally we all could bring a little something to share in community.



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